SypherPK became a coach

Recently, many Fortnite content creators moved to other games: Warzone, Rust, Among Us, and others. Everyone had a unique reason, but SypherPK was one of those who kept playing Fortnite.

SypherPK became a coach

Even though his content was fun to watch, he was also one of the smartest players out there. His videos could help beginners and even the good players to improve further. He always gave good advice and could find a solution to any problem, but recently he stopped making his videos.

SypherPK explained it: “The main reason because of that is that a lot of the time when I’m trying to record a commentary I’m not getting enough quality fights in a solo match.” Then he said that his last educational videos were only 10 minutes long, and they came out pretty dry and short.

However, SypherPK told that he got a plan for returning his educational videos, but refrained from revealing any details. Most likely, he will give personal lessons to players, starting with the Australian star Loserfruit.


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