The Matrix movie outfits may appear in Fortnite

The community of the game had an opinion that the next major Fortnite collaboration would be with The Matrix movie.

Sometimes everything Donald Mustard, Chief Creative Officer at Epic Games says, needs to be taken for granted and put in the future Fortnite content folder. Any little thing seen in the background during a video conference has a big impact on the game.

The Matrix movie outfits may appear in Fortnite

This time, Donald mentioned that The Matrix is ​​his favorite film.

And considering that a new part comes out in winter, this could be a great chance for collaboration. Most likely we will have a Neo skin or even a couple of skins at the beginning of January. You should also not deny the possibility of skins appearing in the Fortnite Crew. Although theories can be built in batches, everything can be canceled at any time, as was the case with ‘It’ movie.


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