The secret of Fortnite bots

It seems like the amount of bots in Fortnite has reduced with the start of Season 2. Maybe that’s because there’s more good players, or maybe the reason is that the matchmaking system doesn’t work as intended. Bots could appear almost every Fortnite match before, and now it’s much harder to find them. But anyway, the bots are still a mystery. They appear wherever they want whenever they want from nowhere. You can discover one at the start of the game, when you are alone and all the chests are closed. Obviously, you won’t have a weapon, while the bot will.

Bot Squads are a thing? from r/FortNiteBR

While regular mortals are trying to understand how the bots are doing this, a certain player could watch a bot play after dying. Some players die because of bots quite often, even though they usually give the player a second chance. But the worst thing is, of course, a bot squad.

The video clearly shows how the bot teleported when it couldn’t find an exit. This explains their unexpected behavior. If the bots can teleport, doesn’t it mean that they constantly appear in more populated places?

It’s unknown if it’s another bug or in-game mechanics. Perhaps, more clips like this one will make things clear.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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