The Yacht

The Yacht is a location added to the Fortnite map after Season 2 Chapter 2 update and changed after Season 3 Chapter 2 update. The yacht is located in the northern part of the map in the E1 square. The Yacht was the most northeastern named area on the map until Season 3.

Fortnite the yacht location is one of the locations that changed with Season 3. It’s not next to Steamy Stacks anymore, but it still has a lot of Deadpool stuff – posters, graffiti, umbrellas, and, of course, the giant sphere on the top of the yacht. Is also has 2 extensions, where you can find some loot, and that’s a replacement for all the missing parts – the Yacht is all rusty and has some huge holes in it. The agents also left this place, so it’s now much safer, but you can’t get exclusive loot here anymore.

The Yacht chest spawns

In the Yacht location, there’s plenty of loot. There are no more Vaults, but the extensions make the loot quantity fairer. Wood and metal resources prevail here.

The Yacht

Yacht Chests



Lima Mike Foxtrot Alfa Oscar

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