Use a Rift – Fortnite Worlds Collide Challenges

Fortnite Worlds Collide “Use a rift” challenge is one of the easy tasks. That’s because you need to use this item only once per game. However, there is still difficulty – the rift is used only once, and then disappears. Of course, you can keep up with the person who is ahead of you only if time permits. Typically, three or four people can enter a rift if done sequentially. Obviously, if there is a large interval, the portal rift will simply disappear and you will have to look for a new one.

There are 4 rifts in total, they are mainly located on a hill. To use them, you do not have to hold E or dance next to them. Everything is simple – build to the portal, if necessary, and enter it. Then you can choose where to fly.

Use the rift once!

Use a Rift - Fortnite Worlds Collide Challenges

There can be many portals at one point! Look around!

Rift near Burger head

The first portal is located near the burger statue, which has been standing in this area for more than one season. If you approach the face of the statue, then you can complete one of the trials of the Road trip challenges, and also find a fault on the left.

Use a Rift - Fortnite Worlds Collide Challenges

Rift in Loot Lake

The second portal to be used is located inside the force field of Loot Lake. It is better to fly into it when falling. So you definitely use the necessary portal.

Use a Rift - Fortnite Worlds Collide Challenges

Rift near Palms

The third portal must be sought north of Paradise palms. Not far from the rift there is always a small wagon, so you will not confuse the desired point.

Use a Rift - Fortnite Worlds Collide Challenges

Rift near the frozen lake

The last but not the least portal can be used above a frozen lake. It is better to approach this point rather than fly up. So you save time and not be the last.

Use a Rift - Fortnite Worlds Collide Challenges

We recommend using the portal in lake, as it does not disappear and an unlimited number of players can use it.


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