Use CB radio – Fortnite story challenge

“Use CB radio” is one of the recent Foreshadow Fortnite challenges, which should uncover some parts of the game’s lore, while also giving you some XP for completing them. The story of Fortnite has been idling for a while, so I wouldn’t recommend you skip these challenges.

To use a CB radio, you’ll need to travel quite a lot because the Fortnite island has approximately as many points with radios as the telescope challenge. The radios are located next to big locations and are standing next to different objects – containers, wooden walls etc. Once you’re next to a CB radio, interact with it to partly complete the challenge.

Use CB radio - Fortnite story challenge

To fully complete the challenge, you need to use 5 CB radios.

Use CB radio - Fortnite story challenge

The rest of the challenges can be found HERE.


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