Dance At Different Telescopes – Fortnite Storm Racers Challenges

Dance at different telescopes is an easy Fortnite storm racers challenge. Telescopes are an integral part of season 10, as we study a meteorite and prepare to launch a rocket. And you can’t send a rocket without studying the air bodies!

In order to complete the dance at different telescopes challenge, you need to find three telespots and dance near them. There are not very many of them on the map and they are mainly located on hills and towers – in general, at a high level from the ground.

Fortnite telescopes map:

Dance At Different Telescopes - Fortnite Storm Racers Challenges

At the moment, we have found only 4 telescopes on the map, and all of them are not very far from each other. If you wish, you can remember a prestige mission.

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All 4 of the presented telescopes are located on the hills. One of them is in a sandy biome, two in snowy and one in green grass.
To visit them, fall from the battle bus immediately to the marked points, because adjusting to such mountains is a continuous torment.

Do not forget that if the telescope is destroyed, you can still dance in this place and the challenge will count. Whoever tries – they will not be able to ruin your passage.

Another important point, there is no telescope in the Dusty Depot, it was removed when the plates and the structure for the rocket were placed.

Thus, we have so far only 4 telescopes, near which we must dance.


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