Alien Parasites are coming to Fortnite

As Donald Mustard said, some things are going to melt you face this season, and besides the upcoming UFO mechanics, there also are alien parasites that are coming to Fortnite. HYPEX told about some possible mechanics, and here they go!

The parasites will attach to your head and speed you up in exchange for some of your health. You will still be able to shoot and move.

When a parasite attaches to you, a special text will pop up: “An Alien Parasite has attached to you! Enjoy enhanced mobility in exchange for some health!”

You will be able to detach a parasite by entering a prop (such as a toilet or a trash dumpster), water or fire. The parasites will spawn as green eggs in some places on the map with 100% chance (probably in those purple locations) and will also spawn in random places around the map with 66% chance. These green eggs will pop and release the parasites when you’re close.

The parasites will have 75 HP each,  and the eggs will have 60 HP each. According to this information, the parasites will be easily detached, but you also need to know how fast they move and how fast you can move when a parasite attaches to you.

Seems like those changes can be frustrating for some players. There’s already a lot of enemies, NPCs, animals and aliens around the map of Fortnite, so the alien parasites might be an extra threat. If they speed you up like the peppers do, such an enemy will be much more dangerous than a regular one, but we need to know how much HP they take first.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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