Alien Parasites in Fortnite

Every alien story has some alien parasites in it, and Fortnite isn’t an exception. Creepy alien creatures with tentacles and sharp teeth are ready to jump on your face and suck your life from you.

Alien Parasites in Fortnite

The parasites hatch from green glowing eggs when a player is nearby. If you shoot the eggs, the parasites will hatch immediately. The eggs themselves spawn with 100% chance in some locations and with 66% chance in other ones. But you can find them being in a laying either way.

After a parasite hatches, it will suck to your head. And if it succeeds, you will start to gradually lose 40 HP in exchange for a speed boost, jump boost and slight head protection. Each action made by the parasite will leave a mark in the text feed. If you don’t want to hug an alien parasite, you are able to kill it – each parasite has 75 HP, while an egg only has 60 HP. Alien Parasites don’t drop any loot upon death.

You can take off a parasite in different ways: by hopping into a toilet stall or a garbage dumpster, by taking a bath in some water after taking a bath in trash, and by drying yourself with an open fire. If you didn’t catch the hilarious humor, there are three ways to get a parasite off: by using props, swimming or setting yourself on fire.

The alien parasites also care about the fauna of Fortnite. They can also attack to chickens, wolves and boars. If you get the slime from an animal with a parasite on yourself, you will lose some HP. And if you kill an animal with a parasite, you will let it switch from the animal’s head to yours.


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