Aliens, animals and British were removed from Fortnite competitive

As you probably know, competitive Fortnite modes are quite different from classic modes. Besides being harder and having a rating system, some things that are presented in normal modes are actually missing in competitive Fortnite modes, such as aliens.

In addition to removing some unstable stuff from competitive modes, like the UFOs, they also removed half of the new Fortnite things from Arena.

It all started with disabling UFOs, which is understandable. You probably remember how players didn’t like planes and B.R.U.T.E.s, and now it seems like the UFOs are not fun for pro player too. Besides the UFOs and the aliens that drive them, the railgun and the recon scanner were also removed from the competitive modes of Fortnite. Fortunately, there’s still enough fun weapons to play with.

But that’s still not it, because animals got removed too. Now you won’t meet a single wolf, boar or even chicken in the competitive modes, so fish and vegetables are pretty much the only food left. IO guards also got removed. For some reason, they look like British guards.

Let’s just hope that Epic don’t remove Fortnite from Fortnite, leaving the item shop full of collabs as the only thing in the game’s remains.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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