Thanos skin is coming to Fortnite item shop

No one was expecting new skins besides aliens and hunters, but seems like Thanos from Marvel is also coming to Fortnite. Technically, Thanos is also an alien, which suits the theme of Chapter 2 Season 7. Some while ago, data miners also assumed that Thanos might come to Fortnite, so why not?

This isn’t the first time Thanos is visiting Fortnite. Approximately 3 years ago we already had a Fortnite X Avengers event with the Infinity Gauntlet, deadly lasers, strong fists and all that stuff. It was a pretty unique experience for those who didn’t miss the whole event.

Thanos skin is coming to Fortnite item shop

Thanos will appear in Fortnite as a skin on June 27. He will also have a back bling, which will be the Infinity Gauntlet. And if you’re a pro player, you even have a chance to win the skin by getting a top place in the upcoming Thanos Cup. The rest of the players can just wait for a while until Thanos appears in the item shop. It might be fun to walk around an island when you’re a huge godlike titan!



haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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