New Infantry Rifle weapon coming soon to Fortnite

As is often the case, in-game news was updated along with the store and we were informed about the imminent appearance of a new weapon – an infantry rifle.

New Infantry Rifle weapon coming soon to Fortnite

Visually, an infantry rifle looks like a Heavy Assault Rifle, but it will probably function as a heavy machine gun. The rifle will have a lower firing speed when compared to a heavy machine gun, but a larger clip than a heavy assault rifle (in which there is 1 cartridge). But these are only our guesses.

It is reliably known that the weapon will have a rare quality and the news is usually added to the highest quality, it can be assumed that the new weapon will be of rare and unusual quality.

Many foreign publications have already noticed the similarity with the M1 Garand weapon, which most likely became the basis for the design of the new weapon. The M1 Garand rifle was in operation from 1936 to 1957. And military conflicts such as World War 2, the Korean War and the Vietnam War have passed. The clip looked like an ammunition pack and consisted of 8 cartridges – this is exactly what we expect in the game.


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