All the Chapter 2 Season 4 teasers

Are you ready for the new season? As it gets closer, we’re getting more and more information about it. This page contains all the teasers for Season 4. As you probably already know, Chapter 2 Season 4 teasers are short animations with letters and comic parts inside of them. At the moment there are 4 comics available, and each of them contains a letter. If we combine all of them, will have the word “NEXUS” – the nexus that Donald Mustard,  Epic Games’ creative director have mentioned before. Maybe DC, Marvel, Fortnite and some other universes will be put together later.

Lower you can see all the Chapter 2 Season 4 teasers:

The first Season 4 teaser

The second Season 4 teaser

The third Season 4 teaser

The fourth Season 4 teaser

The fifth Season 4 teaser

These are all the teasers that we have for Chapter 2 Season 4. Some of them were posted in Fortnite’s Twitter account while some of them were posted by Marvel. And while you’re waiting for Season 4 to come, you can also check out all the information you need to know about Chapter 2 Season 4 here. Who knows, this may be useful or just interesting for you.


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