Everything you need to know about Chapter 2 Season 4

Chapter 2 Season 4 of Fortnite will start on August 27th, and it’s time to tell you everything we know about the upcoming season at the moment.

The first thing is the Season’s theme, which this time will be Marvel Comics. Instead of 1 or 2 superhero outfits we’ll have a whole season dedicated to them.

The main characters of the upcoming season will be Thor and Galactus. They appear on the existing teasers and they will probably start the new season.

Chapter 2 Season 4 release date

Chapter 2 Season 4 will come out on August 27th of 2020 right after Season 3’s ending. The official site also says that Season 3 will last until August 26th.

Season 3 ending date - Everything you need to know about Chapter 2 Season 4

Season 4 ending date

If Epic Games won’t change the seasons’ length, Season 4 will last for 10 weeks and will end approximately on November 5th. But it’s now official yet, so it’s just a guess.


Chapter 2 Season 4’s teasers are all about Marvel. The main characters on them are Thor and Fortnite characters such as Raven and Jonesy. There’s also a funny picture where Thor hits Jonesy with his hammer.

All Chapter 2 Season 4 teasers 800x247 - Everything you need to know about Chapter 2 Season 4

All Chapter 2 Season 4 teasers

Season 4 Teaser 3 300x269 - Everything you need to know about Chapter 2 Season 4

The teasers approve that the next season will be full of Marvel Comics characters and lore.

Chapter 2 Season 4 lore

Some assumptions are that the season’s lore will be about Thor’s and Galactus’ confrontation after they appear from the rift in the sky. There are also theories about returning the old map and adding Asgard to it.

There are also some facts about what will happen in Season 4:

  1. One of the new season’s Battle Pass outfits will be Groot.
  2. Besides Groot, there will also be Wolverine and Thor outfits.
  3. There will be a location dedicated to Thor or Marvel, which dataminers can’t figure out at the moment.
  4. There will be comic book pages which we will use to uncover the season’s lore. We’ll look for them and collect them throughout the season.
  5. The new Midas Fish will appear in some reservoirs. There will also be professional fishing rods used to catch rare fish only.

Season 4 map

Once Season 4 is out, the map will be available here.


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