Banner Brigade Skins

In Fortnite, it became possible to use banners to uniquely identify skins, though not all. Banner Brigade set consist of 8 skins for 800 V-bucks, which have 8 different colors and the ability to add a skin to the image in the video of one of the available banners. T-shirt colors can be changed, you only need to understand what kind of skin you need.

Banner Brigade Skins

You can choose from the following skins:

  • Banner Trooper
  • Branded Brawler
  • Branded Brigadier
  • Lt. Logo
  • Marked Marauder
  • Sgt. Sigil
  • Signature Sniper
  • Symbol Stalwart

In addition, several other decorations were added to the game that can change the appearance:

  • Rare Back Bling – Banner Cape
  • Uncommon Glider – Custom Cruiser
  • Uncommon Pickaxe – Emblematic

In order to personalize the item you can use any banners, such as those that you previously had, or those 2 banners that will be available for free in the store until July 21. Free emblems can be obtained only as a gift.

From myself I will add, most likely, next week we will receive free banners of all the teams of Fortnite World Cup participants, or we will be given the opportunity to choose 1 banner with our favorite team. As for the implementation of T-shirts, they look bad, but as a memory of the event you can take. If there are extra 800 – buy, and if not, then it is better to take a normal skin for 800 V-bucks, there are already quite a lot of them.


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