The War of Pro Players and Streamers with BRUTE mech

It is no secret that the appearance of BRUTE at the beginning of the season took by surprise not only ordinary players, but also professional streamers. This dissatisfaction was accompanied by both the spam of the #RemoveTheMech hashtag and twitter calls to Fortnite directly. And as you know, the case was unsuccessful – according to the latest data from Epic games, in the near future they do not plan to somehow fix the BRUTE or balance the gameplay.

The War of Pro Players and Streamers with BRUTE mech

If you are not already familiar with this killing machine, you will find the gameplay of this miracle of technology below. It health is currently 1000 xp, it can fire up to 14 missiles, use a shotgun and has a laser sight after a recent update. It is strong with impunity in dou and squad, and therefore the reaction of the community is appropriate.

The War of Pro Players and Streamers with BRUTE mech

Talking about the “philosophy” of Fortnite, the developers doomed themselves to a ton of negative comments and a wave of discontent from the community. Among the indignant – TSM Myth.

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TSM Myth

This streamer and about the player on his stream recently explained that Epic, using “dry” statistics, completely forget about the feelings and sensations of the users game. And although Myth is a little mocking, he is not mistaken in believing that the Epic decision was almost entirely based on their statistics. And if it was based on feedback from the players, then, undoubtedly, BRUTE would have already been deleted.

He said on twitter that adding unproductive content is hardly a good plan for the long term.

Given that more than half of Season 10 is left, a big problem for many players is how long Epic will stick to this philosophy and keep the robots in the game.


Another streamer, Timthetatman, recently demonstrated that it’s possible to kill an entire Brut squad even with the monitor turned off.

Streamer believes that the developers made a reckless decision, leaving BRUTE in the game. It goes against the wishes of the vast majority of the community.

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The last player we selected is MrMuselk.

Epic Games described BRUTE as a way to let someone get the Royal Victory. However, this is not the essence of the game, according to the streamer! The point of competitive multiplayer games is to create an experience in which only the best in the lobby can win.

The players we have chosen are only a small part of that community, which is actually unhappy with the ongoing changes in Fortnite. And it starts to look more and more like a snowball, which by the end of the mountain will turn into a huge problem. Some streamers have already begun to play different games, avoiding Brutus. CouRage JD plays Minecraft, Tim plays Overwatch in his spare time, Lupo and Ninja play Apex Legends. And it is not known what the current policy of the developers will lead to further.


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