Bloodsport from Suicide Squad 2 is coming to Fortnite item shop

If the first thing that crosses your mind when you hear the word “collaboration” is DC, you are right. The huge superhero (and also villain) collection is getting in addition. This time, Bloodsport from Suicide Squad by DC is going to visit the Fortnite island. He even got a trailer!

However, the amount of characters from the Suicide Squad universe is pretty low, so we might get more characters in the future. Who knows, maybe we’ll also get other characters, such as Enchantress, King Shark or someone else.

The style of Bloodsport’s outfit suits Fortnite very well – a male character with a mask and stylish armor is pretty much how you can explain most Fortnite male outfits. It’s not a surprise that Epic chose him as the next collaboration skin.

Bloodsport will come to the item shop of Fortnite on August 3. He will also get a back bling with a canister and a funny rat, as well as a sword pickaxe and a wrap. We don’t know the price yet, so we’ll need to wait for the item shop to get updated.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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