Get the free Tectonic Komlpex outfit (Volcanic Ash-assin bundle) in Fortnite

Fortnite developers rarely give out free items, and even when they do, the items are usually insignificant, like an emoticon or a pickaxe. This time, however, we can celebrate – Epic Games are giving out the Tectonic Komplex outfit in Fortnite completely for free. And now, let’s talk about how you can get this free skin.

Get the free Tectonic Komlpex outfit (Volcanic Ash-assin bundle) in Fortnite

The event starts on May 19, and you will need to open the Epic Games Launcher and redeem the outfit with a challenge bundle from it. This will be considered a free purchase (like claiming a free game) and your account will receive the Volcanic Ash-assin challenges.

The challenges will be simple: survive Storm phases, deal damage and set buildings on fire. For completing these three challenges, you will get the free Tectonic Komplex outfit for your Fortnite locker.

The last time the developers did an event like this, there was a link that allowed the players to redeem the outfit from a phone and use it, for example, when playing on a console. So I recommend you to save this article in case such a link appears – you might find it here.

Actually, the dataminers said that the outfit is exclusive to the Epic Games Store, but it can also appear in the item shop for PC players. So be sure to follow the news and claim the outfit as soon as it appears in either of the stores.


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