Bounties in Fortnite are going to change

Fortnite gets new mechanics with every single major update. Some of them are still available, while some are gone forever once the next season starts. Just remember how it was possible to drown outside the map in Chapter 1 – now you can not only swim, but also climb and vault over things. One of the mechanics that have been available in Fortnite for some time are bounties – special orders that you can take from bounty boards.

It’s quite an interesting mechanic that allows you to both get some gold and discover one of the opponents’ location. This can be really useful during the late game stages. But, of course, pros come with cons – if someone gets a bounty on you, they will know your location and you’ll need to run away or hide somewhere if you aren’t ready for a fight. While someone is after you, you can literally “feel” the danger by looking at a special UI bar. But it seems like things might change soon – there are some leaks of a new outfit and some changes to this mechanic.

Bounties in Fortnite are going to change

According to HYPEX, Fortnite developers are working on making bounties better. You will be able to become less interesting for other hunters by paying gold. For only 100 bars, you will be able to possibly make the bounty hunters’ job harder. We don’t know what exactly will happen yet, but perhaps, the radius of the search area for you will become larger, or it may lower the chance of you becoming a target in the first place.



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