Carry an alien sample from a satellite station’s dish to an entrance at Corny Complex

Of course, each experiment needs some sort of a sample. We’re experimenting on UFOs, which means that we need alien samples, and not just any samples you find on the road. The alien sample that you need to carry can be found at an IO satellite station’s dish, and to need to carry it all the way to an entrance to the IO base at Corny Complex.

To complete this challenge, go to an IO base. You can choose any base you like, but it will be easier to carry the sample to Corny Complex if you go to a nearby IO satellite station.

And if you don’t know what exactly you need to find, the answer is simple – a black suitcase. Don’t ask too many questions, just press the interaction button next to a suitcase and take the alien sample. Each satellite station’s dish has a black suitcase next to the radar:

When you get the sample, go to Corny Complex. You need to find an open black suitcase and put the alien sample inside. The suitcase is located next to an observatory tower:

And here’s the map that shows the exact place if you don’t know where it is:

You only need to carry one alien sample from a satellite station’s dish to the observatory’s entrance at Corny Complex to complete this challenge.

You can find some other Chapter 2 Season 7 week 9 challenges here, when the guides are out.


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