Challenges and XP in Fortnite don’t work, what to do?

Sometimes, different bugs happen in the game, and they always bring a lot of problems. For example, after the 19.10 update (and sometimes without any updates), Fortnite challenges don’t work for some players, and you might not get any XP for them.

Even if you complete a challenge and get a respective notification, the XP you got might just not be added to your account. And if you did actually get a notification about it, then it’s an in-game bug.

Challenges and XP in Fortnite don't work, what to do?

In this case, this is either a mass problem, or a problem of your own.

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If it’s a mass problem

To check if the other players also have your problem, visit the official Fortnite Status Twitter account and read the latest posts.

For example, there was a mass problem on Week 7 of Chapter 3 Season 1:

The developers usually resolve such problems within a week, and they sometimes compensate the players their lost XP.  And if you have a special issue, it might be harder to fix.

If it’s a special case

If you don’t see any posts about mass XP bugs, you can contact the tech support directly and describe the situation to them.

  • To do so, go to the support page:
  • Click the Contact Us button at the bottom
  • Write your information and your question in the form


Hi, I’ve completed the week / season challenges, but I didn’t get any XP. Can you please tell me what to do?

Therefore, if it’s a mass problem, just checking the official twitter might be enough. In this case, the bug will be resolved in a few days. And if it’s a special case issue, you need to contact the technical support yourself – the bug won’t be gone on its own. Either way, if the challenges in Fortnite don’t work and you don’t get any XP, it should be fixable.


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