New Fortnite glitch can lower FPS and crash the game

Glitches are an integral part of any online game, because checking everything down to the smallest detail is impossible. Sometimes you can avoid such mistakes, if you don’t approach the “dangerous” areas of the map or interact with objects in any particular order. But there are glitches that are not up to you.

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Something similar is happening now, and it’s caused by simple outfits. You may ask, “how can ordinary outfits affect the game?”. But it turned out that it can. The most popular skins from Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 are ready to blow up your PC or console when you use Spider-Man’s web shooters because of a bug.


If you used the gold versions of the following skins: Midas, Brutus, TNTina or Skye, then when you quickly switched between web shooters and, for example, your pickaxe, a golden sphere enveloped your character, lowering the FPS and eating your machine’s resources. After that, the game crashed, and past gen consoles rebooted.

Now these skins are disabled by developers, and they intend to fix this problem in the next update.


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