Chonkers tires are available in Fortnite

We heard a lot about car modifications since the Season 5 Chapter 2. Almost all players expected to see this mechanic immediately after the start of Chapter 2 Season 6, and were a little upset, because even in the trailer there were upgraded cars. But patch 16.20 fixes it.

Players will now be able to change their regular tires for Chonkers, to drive on off-road and steep slopes around the Fortnite island. There’s even a special trailer for them above! You can find them in garages all over the map. A trusted garage is located in Catty Corner. There you can find a new NPC and Chonkers tires.

Chonkers tires are available in Fortnite

To change tires for a particular car, just throw them in the car. Surprisingly, the car will upgrade and become 10 times cooler. Now you can race over the mountains and mud.

Chonkers tires are not the only Fortnite transport update – this is only the beginning. In the next update we hope for turrets and other interesting modifications.


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