Unstable Bow, Recycler and Grappler Bow are coming to Fortnite

In Chapter 2 Season 6 the player’s freedom of action is beyond words. If you wish, you can craft a powerful shotgun and win the game, or, if you wish, you can walk in the woods with a friendly Boar or a Raptor. And one of the most unique weapons will be Recycler;

UPDATE: Recycler is already in the game!

The game allows us to craft an Assault Rifle from random trash on the knee, so why don’t we add a weapon, which will be shooting the same trash? Epic Games thought so and added a unique grenade launcher Recycler, which shoots with trash.

Unstable Bow, Recycler and Grappler Bow are coming to Fortnite

Not only can you clean the map, but you also can deal 75 damage by hitting with the rare version. This weapon will fill only 3 trash balls, and the reloading is 2 seconds long. If you find a more rare Recycler, the damage will be bigger. The epic one deals 79 damage, and the legendary one deals 83 damage. 

The exact release date is unknown, but it will be released in Chapter 2 Season 6. But we got still weapons with no information about. Exotic weapons Marksman Revolver, Unstable Bow, Grappler Bow, which can be bought from Deadfire, Rebirth Raven and Lara Croft respectively. Most likely, the last bow will allow you to climb on the buildings, like with a grappler.


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