Creative Mayhem: how to get a free pickaxe and spray

There are tons of Fortnite news. We’ve already talked about the leaked upcoming collaborations, and now we have an announcement for another event in Fortnite, which is the Creative Mayhem challenge pack. However, the challenges are not the regular ones, and you will need to play Creative mode to get the rewards. The rewards are a free pickaxe and a free spray.

To get the goldfish spray, you just need to log into the promo website. And as you might guess, getting this spray is much easier than getting the pickaxe.

Here’s the website for Creative Mayhem Fortnite event:

To get the pickaxe, you need to launch Fortnite Creative and enter a map code with the name “Creative Mayhem Regional Qualifier” (1994-6642-9073). You need to play 30 seconds on such a map to get the pickaxe.

To get on a Creative Mode map, you need to enter Creative Mode through the Game Mode selection window or through Battle Royale’s main menu. After you load, come to a map with the name “Creative Mayhem Regional Qualifier” or come to a terminal and enter the code above.

After the map loads, enter the portal and play for 30 minutes.

This is it. No need to fill any forms, no need to film any videos. Just log into the website, then launch the game and play a Creative map for 30 minutes. However, actually getting the rewards might take some time. The developers say that receiving the reward might take up to three weeks.


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