Epic Games confirms Fortnite patch v7.40 will release February 13th

One of the developers of the Fortnite wrote on Twitter that the patch 7.40, which everyone was expecting today, will be released tomorrow, February 13th.

патча 740 - Epic Games confirms Fortnite patch v7.40 will release February 13th

As we wrote earlier, the patch will contain a lot of balance changes that everyone is waiting for. Fix deagle, fix ziplines and airplanes, improve construction and much more.

Probably now Epic Games will make every effort to survive the wave of popularity associated with the release of Apex Legends. Therefore, in the coming patches, we will have to fix all the bugs and more attention to the stability of the game.

Unfortunately, in all this time, in spite of the huge financial injections, the Fortnite does not look attractive to eSports. And we are waiting for active actions in this particular direction. A good rating system (we have already written about the hints for its creation) that will be able to divide players according to their skill will add more than a dozen points in favor of Fortnite.


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