Dinosaurs are finally in Fortnite!

Another miracle of evolution and at the same time a victim of natural disasters was added in update 16.10 of Fortnite – yes, I am talking about dinosaurs. Only one species of them is on the map right now, they are raptors. Nevertheless, I think it will not take a long time for larger predators to visit us.

Now we are talking about small representatives of primal times – about dinosaurs and raptors. These small ones, even if they look cute, are able to beat anyone who walks next to them or dares to offend.

The map with dinosaurs in Fortnite:

Dinosaurs are finally in Fortnite!

Map via: fortnite.gg

They live near trees, and, I am not kidding, they are extremely aggressive. They can deal 25 damage with a bite and 30 with a jump hit. After killing a dinosaur, bones and flesh will drop from it.

In addition, these predators can be tamed. To make this “dream” come true, you will need meat and the Hunter’s Cloak (2 pieces of meat and 1 bone).

Unfortunately, you cannot saddle them and mentally find yourself in the Wild West – such a “function” is not available right now. However, it is so funny to die from an angry beast not in life, but in the game!


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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