Fortnite NPCs might become car drivers

Rumors about NPCs are still there. Initially Fortnite developers wanted to give NPCs the opportunity to buy weapons and resources from players, to summon supplies, but now they just want them to learn how to drive.

According to the available information we have, it seems that the focus of Season 6 will be on the transport. New types of cars, their modifications, fuel, also NPC drivers.

The latest leak came from data miner Mang0e, who found an unusual AI code and suggested that it can be related to NPC drivers or even bosses. Just think about that we can have a boss on a helicopter.

Actually, it could be interesting to watch for the evolution of Fortnite NPCs. Maybe one day they will be able to avoid the storm and fight for the royale victory just like regular players.

Not every leak comes true, some of them gathering dust in the game files for years before appearing in the title, while others have no chance to see even a ray of light. Just 3 weeks separate us from the next season. I really hope that it will be cool and without constant collaborations.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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