Find mysterious pod – Jungle Hunter quest guide

The challenges that we need to complete to get the secret outfit are here. The first one needs us to find mysterious pod, which is Predator’s spaceship.

But before we start, here’s some important information. The challenge is only available for those who bought the Battle Pass. If you have the free version of the Battle Pass, you won’t be able to complete the challenges, nor get the secret outfit.

As you probably already know, the 15.20 update brought some new cosmetics, weapons and places. The main new spot on the map is the crashed pod, which is located in Stealthy Stronghold. The pod belongs to Predator, who is also the secret outfit of this season. You can’t get it yet, but completing one of the challenges will at least give you a small reward.

The mysterious pod we need to find is located in Stealthy Stronghold, as I already mentioned earlier. If you are new to the game or don’t know where the location is, it’s the big forest in the northern part of the map next to Pleasant Park.

The exact place where you need to land is marked on the map below:

Find mysterious pod - Jungle Hunter quest guide

Once you find the mysterious pod and get close to it, the challenge will be completed, and you will be rewarded with this banner icon:
Find mysterious pod - Jungle Hunter quest guide


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