Fortnite 16.00 leaks – all the skins and other cosmetics

Finally, Chapter 2 Season 6 of Fortnite has come, which means that the leaks from 16.00 update are also here. As always, there are some skins, some back blings and a lot more, so be sure to save your V-Bucks and use creator code FNFUN if you like something from the list.

Other news about Chapter 2 Season 6:

First, let’s see the outfits from Fortnite 16.00 update. There are a chicken, Jonesy, some girls and even Lara Croft! Some of these skins are from the Battle Pass, so you won’t be able to buy them with V-Bucks. However, removing them from the pictures would be unfair – they’re still a part of 16.00 leaks.


Besides the outfits, there are some bundles. They don’t always look good compared to a full skin pack, but they still come to the item shop with almost every update. This time the bundles partly made from old skins, which is a little sad.

Of course, there’s a new Umbrella glider – this time a mechanical one.

Fortnite 16.00 leaks - all the skins and other cosmetics

Accessories – back blings, pickaxes, gliders, music packs, and wraps are an important part of the leaked cosmetics. Hopefully, none of those items will be as big and uncomfortable to use as Baby Yoda from Season 5.

The starter pack has been known even before the season started – it’s Zenturio with his accessories.

Fortnite 16.00 leaks - all the skins and other cosmetics

Here are all the leaked items from Fortnite 16.00:

And that’s it for Fortnite 16.00 leaks. Hopefully, you liked some of those items, especially the Battle Pass skins.


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