Fortnite 17.30 leaks – All new skins and cosmetic items

Fortnite 17.30 update leaks are already here, and that’s why we have tons of images of new outfits and other cosmetic items. Ariana Grande and Bloodsport are also featured in the leaks.

But first things first, probably the most important outfit of the update besides Ariana Grande is Bloodsport. Another Suicide Squad member came to the island of Fortnite, and may even visit your locker if you happen to have enough V-Bucks. The outfit will be sold both separately and in a bundle, which also includes a sword pickaxe, a wrap, a back bling, and 2 sprays.

It’s also worth noticing that Human Bill was updated and will visit the item shop soon. The outfit can be customized:

Let’s finish with these new dance-related skins. You can either purchase the male or the female bundle, or one of the separate outfits. Each outfit has a dark and a bright style, which you can switch.

You can customize the color of their clothing’s stripes and their boots. The outfits also react to the in-game music.

Three new outfits got new styles. Party Trooper changed a lot, while Harley Quinn only has a new hairstyle.

If you’ve been waiting for Star Lord for some reason, he will visit the item shop both as a separate item and in a bundle:

As usual, below you can see the items that are coming to the item shop soon.

And here are all the items that were found in the 17.30 Fortnite update:


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