Fortnite 17.20 update patch notes: rainbow, preffered item slots, new character

As far as I can tell, many players liked the 17.20 update for Fortnite. There are several reasons for that: the long-awaited preffered item slots feature, lots of cosmetic items including the one that can use your wraps and more.

In-game changes

Preferred item slots

Most likely, preferred item slots is the most important feature of the whole 17.20 update of Fortnite. To turn on the Preferred Item slots feature, you need to go to the game settings and open the Game tab.

This will allow you to set up a certain item type for each slot of your inventory. The items you collect will automatically put themselves into the preferred slots you set up.


Nature keeps growing in Fortinte, and there’s even a rainbow in the 17.20 update. You can see it during the day, and it’s located very far from the island, so, unfortunately, finding a pot of gold under it won’t be possible.

New character – Kymera

The character number 19 is Kymera. He was promised at the beginning of Chapter 2 Season 7 of Fortnite, but he only appeared on the island with this update. He has three spawn points, but they are all in one location. Kymera is located at Coral Castle, which is still not destroyed somehow.



The game now has some mentions about the event that should happen soon. We don’t know what exactly the event will be because there’s also a chance that besides the story events, we will also have Ariana Grande’s concert.

The presence of some alien symbols might tell us that the event will be all about aliens, possibly, about destroying Coral Castle.


Besides the countdown, we should also have portals on Abductors soon.


The mothership has new hatch opening sounds, which were found in the game’s files.


Grab-itron is the item that was seen in the season’s trailer. Using it, you will be able to grab and throw things. You will also be able to rotate the object that you are holding. We don’t know how you can use that item in battle yet, because rotating an enemy is probably a bad idea.

Fortnite 17.20 update patch notes: rainbow, preffered item slots, new character

Image via: @HYPEX

Kevin the Cube and Halloween

Halloween files are also being actively updated. Notice that most of the files updated in the 17.20 update for Fortnite are related to Kevin the Cube – shadow stones, shadow bombs and runes.


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