The secret Neymar skin will soon appear in Fortnite

Today, at least information about the Chapter 2 Season 6 secret skin – Footballer Neymar appeared on the Internet. In the official Fortnite Twitter account a cool teaser was posted about the upcoming collaboration with Neymar.

If you are an attentive player of the menu in the game, you probably noticed the question marks, which are on the Battle Pass page. Soon, on April 27, the information about the skin and the ways of getting it will appear right there.

For now players got interested in the text, cool music and an image of Neymar’s uniform and a beast. But there’s a second teaser, which is, however, not really informative either:

There’s also a link to the premiere of the reveal trailer for the secret Neymar skin.

I think this is not the end, and in the next Fortnite update we will see something more specific about this collab with Neymar.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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