Fortnite 19.40 leaks – all the skins and other cosmetic items

19.40 Fortnite update is ready to be installed on all of your devices. It’s a little strange that Epic moved a whole season’s start date a while ago and for some reason don’t move a single update now, but nevertheless, the patch is already in the game and ready to cheer you up with some of its new stuff.

As usual, let’s start with the most interesting thing – the new bundle:

There’s no information about its distribution method yet, but it will probably become really popular, especially with those back blings.

There also are images of a new anime outfit and a new robot. Be sure to prepare your V-Bucks to buy another anime skin for your collection.

The outfit that was announced for the FNCS tournament earlier is now also in the files:

At last, let’s remind you of the outfits that were announced before the 19.40 update and even has their own Fortnite tournament. The outfit is now in the game’s files:

A few outfits got new styles, and if you own one of them, you will get the styles for free. Be sure to check them, because the game doesn’t always notify you about such things. Aura’s and Wild Card’s fans are now probably happier than ever.

And here are all the new things that were added to Fortnite with the 19.40 update:

And, as usual, here are the images with all the items that will come to the item shop soon.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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