Fortnite 20.30 update leaks – all the outfits and other cosmetics

Yet another Fortnite update, the 20.30 one, to be precise, is notable due to the outfits and accessories that dataminers found in it. Finally, we’ve got some at all, because the last two updates had almost no new outfits and other items. This time, we got surprised with Omega Knight, Blackout, The Order, Zuri, Panther and Guardian Amara.

Omega Knight is an outfit with 28 XP challenges. According to dataminers, it will appear in the game on May 25 and will be sold in a bundle. The challenge system will be similar to Monarch’s one: you will need to pick Xp flags up every week.

Guardian Amara is a reskin version of Luxe from Chapter 1 Season 8 of Fortnite. Since the bundle includes 1500 V-Bucks, this outfit will be sold in a bundle for real money.

The rest of the outfits aren’t unique and will be sold for V-Bucks, as usual. Notice the sister of The Seven, The Order (second picture). Just like Omega Knight, she was shown in the last developer survey.

The accessories are also not really different from what we’ve already seen – just some gliders and pickaxes.

Two items below are console exclusives. The wrap is exclusive for Xbox, and the glider is exclusive for PS. It’s unknown how exactly they will be given out.

Below are all the leaks from the 20.30 Fortnite update, as well as the updated item shop icons.



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