Fortnite awaits an earthquake!

The update begins with the excavation! With the new game files in v7.30 update, the datamineers found a curious mention of “earthquakes” among other events in Fortnite.

Fortnite awaits an earthquake!
As you can see, some of these events have already passed – the Marshmello Concert in the Festivus folder (- from. French. – events) and the New Year (in the same folder and in the external directory (though it is not very clear what exactly is hidden behind the folder – 14 Days of Christmas or the fact of the onset of ny)). With the advent of the earthquake folder, unusual archives of sounds (falling of stones, rolling debris), which can be heard below, were discovered.

Presumably, as in the case of a real earthquake, the intensity of tremors will increase, a total of 50 shocks will be.

Fortnite awaits an earthquake!

The expected time of the onset of the event is Season 8 (most likely the plot will be associated with an earthquake).

What happens after this event is unknown. Presumably, the Prisoner will play a big role in the development of the plot.

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