Fortnite Boot Camp quests guide

The new Fortnite season meets players with both new items, map changes and challenges, including the Boot Camp quests series with a confusing “Complete the Sprinting Boot Camp” challenge. And it’s easier than it looks to pass.

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Complete the Sprinting Boot Camp

To complete the Sprinting Boot camp challenge and activate the following quests, you need to land at any location on the Fortnite island, preferably at a gas station, and start sprinting.

A map with all gas stations (you can use it for other challenges or to complete the quests calmly):

Sprint is a new mechanic, which may be activated by left Shift by default. The necessary button is written in the upper left corner.

In general, you can complete this task casually, but it’s better to complete it far away from the enemies, intentionally, by using sprint.

I need to see your 5-second sprint, Looper!

After you ran with sprint, you need to run with it again. But this time you need to press the button until the character fizzles out (all 5 seconds).

To sprint for all 5 seconds, hold the sprint button, it’s left Shift by default.

Mantle onto ledges to gain higher ground

To complete this challenge, look for one-story houses – any gas station will do. Go to its walls and press the jump button.

This way, the character will climb on top, completing the challenge. Do this 3 times.

Stay low and slide into victory

In the last challenge of this series, climb any hill, start running and press the slide button, Left Ctrl by default. In that way your character will slide, and if you have followed the advice and have found a hill, that’s enough time to complete the challenge.


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