Fortnite Crew February – Aftermath outfit

A few days before the month ends, Epic Games usually announce the next Fortnite Crew outfit. Sometimes we only get small teasers, but often we get a full view of the subscription’s items. This happened with the February Fortnite Crew subscription – we already have images of all the items in it.

Fortnite Crew February - Aftermath outfit

While Snow Stealth Slone goes away into the players’ locker, Aftermath, son of Oro and Orelia (probably) enters the battlefield. Even death won’t mess with this guy’s style – the hoodie had spikes on top, and the sneakers with the mask add to the general feel of the style. This character’s look tells you not to mess with him, which can be quite useful when everyone around wants to kill you.

And that’s still not everything – Aftermath also has a unique back bling with pixel waves, which can be started with some music and dance moves. The pack also includes the Rave Digger pickaxe and the Glitter n’ Grim wrap in the same style as the outfit.

Fortnite Crew February - Aftermath outfit

As usual, let’s remind you that if you buy the Fortnite Crew subscription, including the February one, you will get the current Battle Pass or a one-time 950 V-Bucks compensation. And if this isn’t enough, you will also receive 1000 V-Bucks on the day you purchased the subscription while it’s active. The price of the subscription hasn’t changed – $11.99 (other regions’ prices might differ, so check the store to see your region’s price). Epic have also changed some prices, so the price of the subscription might change in your region in the future.


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