Fortnite Crew May subscription: Deimos outfit and Save the World as a bonus

It hasn’t been a long while since the leaks came true – Epic Games posted an official article about Fortnite Crew may subscription almost immediately. And now let’s talk about everything important about this subscription, especially the bonus – Fortnite Save the World.

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Fortnite Crew May subscription: Deimos outfit and Save the World as a bonus

The rewards of Fortnite Crew May subscription

May subscription pack will include:

  • Deimos outfit with 2 alternative styles
  • Sorrow’s Edge back bling
  • Sorrow’s Reach pickaxe
  • Doomed Echo wrap
  • Skull Stalker loading screen
  • 1000 V-Bucks
  • Full access to the current Battle Pass OR 950 V-Bucks if you already have the current Battle Pass and if you didn’t get 950 V-Bucks yet
  • Full access to Save the World and Deimos outfit as a ninja hero in your collection

Fortnite Crew May subscription: Deimos outfit and Save the World as a bonus

Save the World in Fortnite Crew

Save the World that you get from May subscription pack will give you FULL access to Save the World, which means that it will last forever. You won’t be able to get V-Bucks there, but you still will be able to play this survival mode without spending more money on it.

If you already have Save the World, you will only get Deimos as a ninja hero.

Fortnite Crew Q&A

What is the Fortnite Crew monthly subscription?

The Fortnite Crew monthly subscription is, well, a monthly subscription that will need you to pay $11.99 each month (the money will be transferred automatically), and you will get some in-game bonuses – a Battle Pass, 1000 V-Bucks and a cosmetics pack. The subscription will renew itself each month the day you bought it the first time. If you bought the subscription on December 15, it will renew on January 15 and so on.

Will I get Save the World for Fortnite Crew may subscription, if I bought the April subscription?

Yes. Each time you buy a Fortnite Crew, you can get all the rewards for the current month as well as the skin and StW for the next month.

Will I keep the items I got from the subscription?

Yes. You will keep all the items you got from Fortnite Crew forever.

Where can I buy the subscription?

The subscription will be available for purchase in the game’s item shop or on the Battle Pass purchase screen.

Which platforms can buy the subscription?

The subscription is available on all the active platforms, but! Be sure to buy the subscription on your main platform. You can’t move it to another platform and the V-Bucks you get will only be available on the platform where you bought the subscription.

Can I unsubscribe?

Yes, you can cancel the subscription any time.

Are the items from the crew pack exclusive?

The outfit and its accessories should be exclusive according to what the developers say. They won’t appear in the game’s item shop.

What if I buy the Battle Pass before the subscription?

If you do so, you will get additional 950 V-Bucks from the subscription.


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