Fortnite fishing rod – how to use and what you can catch / how to fish in fortnite?

Fortnite fishing rod - how to use and what you can catch / how to fish in fortnite?  Fortnite is slowly turning into Sims 3. First, basketballs and golf, then pets, and now fishing. Today you will learn how to fish in Fortnite, where to find a fishing rod and how to use it. Soon Epic games will give us professions and before the game we will need to sign a couple of contracts and work as a courier. But back to fishing.

Realism is the main thing in Fortnite, so fishing is carried out using a fishing rod. A fishing rod is a new Fortnite item that occupies 1 inventory slot.

How to use the Fortnite fishing rod

To use a fortnite fishing rod you must:

  • Find the fishing rod
  • Select it as an active inventory item
  • Go up to the water and find a funnel
    • Important! You can fish anywhere, but only in fish gathering places will there be a good loot!
  • Throw a fortnite fishing rod using the left mouse button (hereinafter LMB)
  • And wait for the float to twitch
  • Left-click while moving the fishing rod and catch 1 of 6 items.

What you can catch with a fishing rod

As I said earlier – realism. Here is a list of all the items that can be caught:

  • Rusty can
    • You can throw at the enemy and cause 20 damage. Maximum 10 per slot.
  • Small fry
    • Restores 25 health (but not more than 75). Maximum 6 per slot.
  • Flopper
    • Restores 50 health (but not more than 100). Maximum 4 per slot.
  • Slurpfish
    • Restores 50 health or shield. Maximum 3 per slot.
  • Mythic goldfish
    • There are legends that you can kill her, but no one will believe you.
  • Weapon
    • Any weapon can be caught
  • And if you fish out of place in a cluster of fish, you will get ammo, resources and sometimes weapons.

Epic Games decided to somehow add an alternative source of resources to the game – Fortnite fishing rod. With it you can catch rusty can, small fry, flopper, slurpfish, mythic goldfish and weapon. If you have been knocked out from an important location – it does not matter! We are looking for a fortnite fishing rod and you will most likely have an excellent loot.


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