Fortnite Iris Outfit For Samsung – The New Fortnite x Samsung Leaked Promotion

Fortnite Iris Outfit For Samsung – is a fresh leak regarding a new Fortnite x Samsung promotion! Perhaps you have already seen the Iris outfit, not only on the Internet, but also in our latest leaks. It’s time to find out why this skin can be considered exclusive from Samsung.

The era of exclusives began with the Galaxy skin. It is considered the best exclusive to date. Are you a happy owner? We are not. However, after it we got a bunch of exclusive skins: Ikonik, Wonder, Glow and others. And with the new update to the game, we can see the first exclusive skin this year: Iris outfit.

There are reasons why dataminers include Iris outfit as exclusive: it does not have any tags or codes for the store. The skin also matches the K-Pop theme and most likely it will go along with the Galaxy S11. Epic has previously collaborated with Samsung, so re-collaboration is not surprising.

Fortnite Iris Outfit For Samsung - The New Fortnite x Samsung Leaked Promotion

Another interesting fact is that the official Samsung account has responded to rumors about a new skin. They claim that they know nothing about this, but asked to watch the stream on February 11th. Perhaps they will announce something about this, who knows.

All signs indicate that the Iris outfit will be the first exclusive in 2020. Will the skin affect your desire to buy a new phone?


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