Fortnite is losing popularity on Twitch

Even though it is still really popular, Fortnite, the game that got its popularity thanks to its events and streamers, is quickly losing its Twitch audience. Doing another event is real, while regaining the viewers’ and streamers’ attention is a hard thing to do.

According to StreamsCharts, Fortnite has been on the 12th place (14th among all platforms) in the top viewed and average game online lists on Twitch during the past 30 days. And if previously this problem was found only in some regions, now it affects Fortnite as a whole. Considering that Fortnite got a lot of its popularity because they gave out free keys to streamers when StW came out, and then secured the success by signing Battle Royale streaming contracts with popular streamers from those days. The viewers saw that the game was played by popular streamers and started playing either to try to play with them or to get a similar gaming experience.

Fortnite is losing popularity on Twitch

Some of the reasons of such decrease in popularity might be the recent release of Overwatch 2 and Modern Warfare II. At the same time, Dota 2, League of Legends and Counter-Strike had some major in-game or e-sports events that gathered a large audience recently, but this isn’t the entire situation. Fortnite has been losing the viewers from month to month, and even starting a new season doesn’t entirely help.

Since May of this year, the average viewer count on Twitch has decreased by almost 2 times:

Fortnite is losing popularity on Twitch


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