How to get a free fortnite skins – fishing frenzy contest and rewards

Triggerfish surfaces to present the first Fortnite Fishing Frenzy Contest. Beginning Friday, start casting your Fishing Rods for an opportunity to win a Bottom Dweller pickaxe or your very own real-life Llama Trophy!


Grab Triggerfish from the Item Shop on Friday, November 22 at 7 PM ET and send your enemies to sleep with the fishes.



Open a can of worms on the casting competition beginning at 8am ET on Friday, November 22 until 8pm ET on Sunday, November 24.


Each server region (NAE and NAW are combined) will have one winner in each category listed below:

Top Angler 

  • Catch the most fish in a single match during the competition
  • One champion per regional server
  • Awarded an engraved Llama Trophy

Small Fry Champion

  • Catch the most Small Fry during the competition
  • One champion per regional server
  • Awarded an engraved Llama Trophy

Flopper Champion

  • Catch the most Floppers during the competition
  • One champion per regional server
  • Awarded an engraved Llama Trophy

Slurpfish Champion

  • Catch the most Slurpfish during the competition
  • One champion per regional server
  • Awarded an engraved Llama Trophy

Mythic Goldfish = Instant Prize

  • Anyone that catches the Mythic Goldfish will receive a Bottom Dweller Pickaxe!

Getting Hooked on Fishing

  • Anyone that participates during the competition window will get the Play to Win spray
  • Use a Fishing Rod during the contest times
    • Start Date: Friday, November 22 at 8am ET
    • End Date: Sunday, November 24 at 8pm ET


And to get a free fortnite pickaxe, you have to catch a goldfish. Sounds easier than you think. But, most likely, either the epics increased the chances, or it became more accessible in certain specific areas. Although, at the moment, nothing is known.

But the image of Bottom Dweller pickaxe, for the sake of which all the near future fortniters will give fishing, could not be found. Therefore, while we will try for the sake of an unknown reward.

But in order to get a free llama, you just need to catch the most fish on the map, in general, pray so that although there is a half-server about this contest they do not know.

Well, Play to Win spray will be handed out to everyone free of charge just for participating, it is enough to catch any fish.

This promotion is valid from Friday to Sunday.


The only thing you need to do to participate is pick up a Fishing Rod and compete to be the best in one of the categories mentioned in the Prizes and Categories section above. Winners will be notified through the in-game gifting system and the email address of the account attached to the Epic ID from the winning account.

Note: Anglers only! Fish caught with the Harpoon Gun do not qualify.  Make sure to enable 2FA on your account to be eligible for prizes.

  • Steps to Enable 2FA: HERE


Here you can find links to each region’s leaderboards, showing the top 10 players in each category for those regions. These leaderboards will be updated each day at 12pm ET until the contest is over. Good luck to all contestants!
North America – NA-East & NA-West are combined
Middle East


Let’s tackle some of the basic rules for participation:

  • Must have 2FA enabled on the participating account.
  • Only the Fishing Rod can be used for the categories listed above.
    • The Harpoon Gun will not count towards progress.
  • Each server region (NAE and NAW are combined) will have one winner per category listed above.
    • The exception to this is the “Getting Hooked on Fishing” category. This has an unlimited number of winners.
  • Must be at least 13 years of age (or older if required by law in your jurisdiction).
  • All content and accomplishments must be achieved prior to the end date of the event.
  • Limit one prize per player from any of the Top Angler, Small Fry Champion, Flopper Champion, Slurpfish Champion, and Mythic Goldfish categories.
  • Only available in core modes (Solos, Duos, Squads).
    • Not available in competitive playlists.
  • Any players participating must agree to adhere to the Community Guidelines and full Triggerfish’s Fishing Frenzy Rules. Full rules will be available when the competition begins.


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