Fortnite new mechanics: sprinting, mantling and overshield

The new Fortnite season, namely Season 2 Chapter 3, brought a lot of new items and mechanics to the game. What is a tank or an armored battle bus worth! It’s fantastic, we were met by the long-awaited diversity! And among this many new products, three new mechanics can be distinguished – sprinting, parkour and overshield.

Fortnite new mechanics: sprinting, mantling and overshield

Fortnite sprinting

If you have already been able to get into the game during these days, then you have probably noticed a change in the character’s run. Now, when you press the run button, shift by default, the camera moves away a little, and your character runs as fast as possible, removing everything unnecessary from his hands, while spending the newly introduced stamina. They called this miracle Fortnite sprinting.

The old version of running remained, now it replaces walking. To go to a step, you need to set the button that is convenient for you in the settings, a comma is set by default.

Fortnite mantling

But the development of our character did not end there. After spending a couple of years in self-isolation, he learned real parkour – Fortnite mantling. Somersaults, of course, are not yet performed, but are already able to pull themselves up over various ledges.

You can simply walk up to a ledge and double-tap jump, or use tactical haste to let the character do the rest. Also, while using mantling and sliding, you can kick doors and gates.

Fortnite overshield

Another interesting innovation is the Fortnite overshield. There is now another shield icon to the right of your health bar and regular shield. Its values range from 0 to 50 and increase over time.

Roughly speaking, one can imagine that an ordinary shield is armor that needs to be replenished, while an overshield is always there, and it recharges itself gradually. And as a result, we have players with 250 hp, who rush like crazy on buildings, try to hit them.


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