Fortnite tank vehicle: locations and how to counter

Absolutely real tanks were added to Fortnite as a vehicle and weapon in Chapter 3 Season 2. No one expected such a change in the game. 

Once upon a time, during the Chapter 2, cars in fortnite were something extraordinarily. Players have been rubbing their hands for several months in anticipation of sitting behind the wheel of a real car. After some time, cars became a common vehicle. And the news about the car modification, in particular the attachment of turrets, rekindled the interest of the players. And now you can find a real car with a turret in the game – the tank. Surprised?

Fortnite tank vehicle

Fortnite tank vehicle is dozens of times cooler than an ordinary car with a sad turret from the first chapter. The strength of the tank is approximately 2500 HP, and the damage to the players is 35 units.

Fortnite tank vehicle: locations and how to counter

Fortnite tank vehicle can admit 4 players: 1 behind the turret, 2 on the tank itself and the last one controls this tank. It vaguely resembles the B.R.U.T.E, but with more capacity and less mobility, and the tank also requires fuel. The tank also knows how to accelerate and hum.

How to counter Fortnite tank

If you need to counter the tank, shoot its engine (it’s in the back) to temporarily overheat. While the engine is cooling down, you have the opportunity to break the tracks of the tank. Also, the front of the tank has an armor plate that breaks easily, revealing the driver.

You can also take C4, accelerate in front of the tank and slide towards its bottom. When you rush, throw explosives right at the bottom. Yes, that trick from the trailer!

Fortnite tank vehicle: locations and how to counter


Fortnite tanks locations

Tanks in Fortnite spawn randomly in locations with an airship and are always near Slone east of the Command Cavern. Sometimes Fortnite tanks are standing and waiting for you, and sometimes the IO are sitting behind them, ready to attack.

Where to find Fortnite tanks:

I also note that most likely, the tanks will move to the center towards the end of the season.


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