Fortnite on Nintendo Switch optimizations

March 30 is a good day for Fortnite players. There are new challenges, information about some styles, and now even some optimizations for Fortnite on Nintendo Switch.


After downloading the 16.10 update for Fortnite on Switch, the image became more clear and all that without losing performance! Also, the update provided a more stable frame rate and reduced the lags. It also weighs 140 Mb less than usual!

Fortnite on Nintendo Switch optimizations

Fortnite on Nintendo Switch still will use dynamic resolution to provide the stable FPS, but the adjustment will happen less frequently, and overall, the game resolution will be much better.

Handheld mode1000x5601170x660
Docked mode1390x7801560x880

Below you can see the difference between the unoptimized Fortnite version and the optimized 16.10 version.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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