Did LazarBeam quit Fortnite?

Fortnite was a great boost for a lot of streamers – someone became more popular because of their skill of playing the game, someone was just making interesting videos or acting interesting on steream. However, a lot of players have quit the game recently – a lot of players started to play other games instead of Fortnite, such as Valorant or Call of Duty Warzone. LazarBeam is a pretty popular streamer, so his fans are also questioning if their favorite steamer is going to quit the game or not.

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While other streamers such as Fresh, Lachlan or LoserFruit are still playing the game, LazarBeam didn’t upload any videos since the middle of December. On a recent stream he rage quit the game after an opponent broke into his box and killed him, and uninstalled the game. He also said that he quit the game forever:

However, LazarBeam doesn’t sound very serious and there’s a big chance that he’s coming back after a new update.


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