Fortnite portals started making magical sounds

Mysterious portals on the map of Fortnite can not surprise anyone anymore, because from there came new hunters for heads. There are a lot of them on the map, that you don’t even have enough fingers to count them.

Fortnite portals started making magical sounds

Picture via: @noobsita453

In the last time due to recent cracks in the Zero Point, the portals are becoming unstable. It is not surprising, because to support any portal you need colossal energy which is now bursting the Zero Point. It is unknown how much energy was stored in just the Zero Point, but apparently, the energy ran out because of all the portals that were opened in different places on the map of Fortnite.

If you recently logged in the game, you could see, how the portal made a strange sound near Hydro 16. They are very similar to music from superhero movies or something magical. If you take a look inside the portal, you can see endless space.

Besides the changes in portals, Zero Point keeps changing. Right now he is pulsing every minute, what means Season 6 Chapter 2 will soon come to Fortnite.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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