Fortnite Season 4

When does Fortnite Season 4 start?

4th season Fortnite began May 1, 2018.

The Plot of Season 4

Thematically this season focused on super heroes and sandy urban environments. Season 4 included the conclusion of the story about the meteorite, which in the 3rd season destroyed the Dusty Divot.

Battle Pass

The battle pass for the 4th season was available for purchase at an item store for 950 B-bucks. Free battle passes were given one daily challenge in season 4. Players paid Battle Pass received two additional daily tasks, as well as special weekly Challenge.

Owners of the Battle Pass were given Blockbuster and Carbide purchases right away, and Omega was awarded upon reaching level 100.

Outfits of Season 4

Battlehawk 300x300 - Fortnite Season 4
Carbide 300x300 - Fortnite Season 4
Teknique 300x300 - Fortnite Season 4
Zoey 300x300 - Fortnite Season 4
Valor 300x300 - Fortnite Season 4
Squad Leader
Squad Leader 300x300 - Fortnite Season 4
Omega 300x300 - Fortnite Season 4
The Visitor
The Visitor 300x300 - Fortnite Season 4

What map changes will arrive with Fortnite Season 4?

New places have also been added, such as the Risky Reels and the sights of Villain Lair, Mansion, Open Soccer Stadium.


Starting April 28, Epic Games have released a daily series of teasers that hinted about the upcoming theme of the season. The posters that were released show different skins on the meteorite fall vector. On the fifth day, Epic Games finally showed an advertising poster with silhouettes of characters.


Lima Mike Foxtrot Alfa Oscar

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