Fortnite x Dragon Ball collaboration leaks

Every week we get more and more information about the upcoming collaborations in Fortnite that make the game more like a salad than a game – as sauce bonds the ingredients together, Fortnite unites all those different characters in one place. Of course, the collaborations aren’t going to stop appearing, and the next addition to the Fortnite salad recipe might be the anime series Dragon Ball.

Fortnite x Dragon Ball collaboration leaks

Dataminer Shiina shared an interesting 3D model found in the game’s recent update. This simple water battle is actually a capsule from the Dragon Ball universe.

Fortnite x Dragon Ball collaboration leaks

These small capsules were created to make transporting large things easier. This small tank can easily fit a gun, a tree or even a house inside. Some capsules have a number that defines their contents, but this information can be found on the corresponding wiki page.

These small things have huge potential – in theory, they can spawn objects, heal or reinforce the player, but they can’t store animals inside. Obviously, the capsules can’t be the only part of the Dragon Ball collaboration, so we can also expect the item shop in Fortnite to get some outfits, but the capsules’ purpose is less obvious for now.


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